with noodles and fresh dill


with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and peppers with herb vinaigrette

with grilled chicken

fried in butter with garlic and piri piri peppers, served on crispy lettuce with sauce

8 szt.

with piri-piri peppers

olives, and azure cheese

champignons in curry sauce

in a cream-dill sauce, and garlic


cabbage salad, French fries

with tomato sauce with prawns, fresh vegetable salad, and boiled potatoes

fresh vegetable salad, and baked potatoes

with tomato and cucumber, garlic butter, crisp-cooked vegetables, and boiled potatoes

baked with cheese, served on spinach with fresh vegetable salad, French fries

with potatoes

tomato, fresh vegetable salad, vinaigrette sauce and French fries

fresh vegetable salad, baked potatoes with herbs

fresh vegetable salad with feta cheese, French fries, and tzatziki sauce


tomato sauce, cheese, oregano, and basil

tomato sauce, pepperoni, cheese, olives, and onion

tomato sauce, parma ham, arugula, onion, and cherry tomatoes

Pizza toppings

or other toppings


sprinkled with onion

8 szt.
8 szt.
8 szt.
Children's menu

served with French fries or potatoes

erved with French fries or potatoes


with vanilla sauce


range juice, apple juice, multivitamin, black currant, grapefruit, and tomato drinks

sparkling water

still water